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Get Free Medical Care

No-cost healthcare is within your reach. We have answers to all of your questions related to getting free medical care in Kershaw County when you need it. No health insurance? We've got you covered! 查看以下我们提供的合格因素和服务.

What Do You Offer?

在社区医疗诊所,我们相信每个人都需要获得医疗保健服务. With the help of generous donors, we’re able to provide free family medical care to Kershaw County residents in need of financial assistance. Some of our services include:

  • Primary Family Care
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Diabetes Education
  • 乳癌及子宫颈癌普查
  • Other Specialties with Referral

Do I Qualify? 


  • Be a Kershaw County resident
  • 没有医疗保险——这包括没有医疗补助、医疗保险或退伍军人医疗保险
  • Meet our Income Eligibility Guidelines - these are set by federal poverty guidelines and also depend on how many people live in the household


How Do I Schedule an Appointment? 

Call us at 803.713.0806在克肖县附近的任何地点预约. 


What Should I Bring to the Appointment? 

  • Your Current Photo ID
  • 你的社保卡:如果你的社保卡丢失了, 可于宽街1111号补发, Camden.
  • Proof of Your Residency: A utility bill, cable bill, 您的房屋或车辆的财产税账单, residential lease, 房主或租客保险都是可以接受的.
  • 如果你和朋友或亲戚住在一起,你必须带上他们的居住证明,如上所述. 还有,一封签名并注明日期的信,表明你和他们住在一起. Include the address. If they provide you with money, free rent, or any other assistance, 请注明他们的支持金额.
  • Your Medications: Any medicines that you are now taking or a list of your medicines and dosages.
  • Your Proof of Income: 30 days current, consecutive pay stubs, (一个月)适用于所有有收入的家庭成员.
  • Your Federal Tax Return
  • Your 1040 form, for the most recent year
  • Proof of SS, SSI disability, unemployment, food stamps, workman's comp, retirement statement, child support, or alimony.
  • 申请或拒绝SS, SSI残疾,失业,食品券或医疗保险的证明.
  • 医疗补助拒绝信:从DSS办公室拿





我们是在帮助人们茁壮成长,而不仅仅是生存. 这就是为什么我们为帮助那些需要帮助的人申请医疗补助而感到自豪, Welvista(药物援助)和SNAP(食品券). 将个人与许多其他基本服务联系起来的援助是通过 Access Kershaw 该项目由CMC发起,由杜克大学捐赠基金资助. 


Call 803.713.0806 安排您的免费医疗预约. 

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